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Moscow city                                                                                         «____»     __________    200__ ã.

“Antropos-consulting" ltd. hereinafter referred to as the Executor, in the name of _____________________acting on the basis of the Articles of Incorporation and_________________________hereinafter referred to as Client, in the name of _____________________________, acting on the basis of _____________have entered the present Contract as follows:

1. Subject of the Contract
1.1. At the Client's request the Executor shall render services in filling vacant positions according to requirements stipulated in the Addendum to the Contract and the Client agrees to pay the stipulated price for the services rendered.
1.2.  After signing the Addendum (the application form for personnel selection) by the Client and the Executor the Addendum shall become an integral part of the present contract.
1.3. Services shall be considered rendered after signing a delivery and acceptance act.

2. Allocation of Responsibilities
2.1. The Executor is obliged:
2.1.1. To receive from the Client the application form for personnel selection (the Addendum to the present contract) according to requirements to a concrete vacant position.
2.1.2. To render the Client advisory help when filling the Application.
2.1.3. To conduct search and selection of applicants for a vacant position.
2.1.4. To provide the Client with resumes of candidates recommended for interviewing by him, with indication of their biographic and qualification characteristics.
2.1.5. To organize interviews of the Client with candidates.
2.1.6. In case of discharge of the candidate, offered before by the Executor and employed by the Client, before the expiry of 90 (ninety) calendar days for an ordinary employee and 180 (one hundred eighty) for top/middle-managers (these days are calculated beginning with the actual starting date of the Employer’s work), the Executor shall be obliged to provide the Client with another equivalent specialist without collecting any additional payments. The mentioned replacement shall be unitary. This liability shall come into force in case of meeting the following conditions: a) Within 5 (Five) working days after the employee’s discharge the Client shall sign and forward to the Executor an advice notice on the Candidate’s discharge with the date notation and the number of the order of dismissal; b) the Employee’s discharge took place not for the reason of altering terms of employment or non-compliance with the terms of employment stated in the corresponding Addendum to the present Contract.

2.2. The Client is obliged:
2.2.1. To fill and give to the Executor the application for personnel selection (the Addendum to the present contract).
2.2.2. To conduct interviews with the offered candidates, after having coordinated with the Executor the date, time and place of their taking place.
2.2.3. To inform the Executor after conducting interviews with candidates about the consent or disagreement to employ the offered candidates.
2.2.4. To inform the Executor within one working day about the fact of the offered candidate’s starting date.
2.2.5. To sign the delivery and acceptance act within 3 (three) working days, beginning with the date of the actual candidate’s starting date.
2.2.6 In case of the Customer’s evasion or non-motivated refuse from signing the Delivery and Acceptance Act by a specified date the job shall be considered to be accepted and mature according to clause 3 of the present Contract.

3. Services fees and payment order
3.1. The cost of the Executor’s services for each filled vacancy under the present contract shall be stipulated in the Addendum to the present contract.
3.2. The payment for the Executor’s services shall be made in Russian roubles by transferring money to the Executor’s settlement account stipulated in the present contract.
3.3. The cost of the Executor’s services in roubles shall be defined by multiplying the sum (it is stipulated in the Addendum to the present contract) to a rate of the conditional monetary unit corresponding to a dollar exchange rate, established by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the date of signing the delivery and acceptance act.
3.4. The payment for selecting the candidate on each vacancy shall be effected within 5 (five) bank days since the moment of signing the delivery and acceptance act by the parties under the bill presented by the Executor.
3.5. The delivery and acceptance act shall be compiled and signed by the parties separately on each filled vacancy.
3.6. In a case the Client shall employ the candidate offered by the Executor on the job place which has not been stipulated in the Addendum to the present contract, shall give the candidate a one-time job under the civil legal contract or shall employ him for a temporary job or part-time job, in case the Candidate offered by the Executor shall be taken on the staff in the organizations that are stockholders (owners of authorized capital stock) of the Client, in the organizations which managing body members are simultaneously managing body members of the Client, as well as the Client shall forward the Candidate offered by the Executor to another company and in case it results in his/her employment  within 12 (Twelve) months since the moment of the Executor's provision of this Candidate's resume to the Customer., the Client shall be obliged to pay the Executor the sum stipulated in the Addendum to the present contract.
3.7. In case of factual admission to work of a bigger number of specialists than stipulated in the corresponding Addendum to the present Contract the Customer shall effect adequate payment for every hired specialist according  to the price stipulated in the Addendum.

4.  The Contract period of validity and the Contract termination order
4.1. The present Contract shall come to power since the moment of its signing and shall act until the parties fully accomplish their obligations.
4.2. The present Contract may be terminated by each of the parties in case one party warns another party for 7 days in advance before the moment of the Contract termination. In this case the Customer’s obligations to pay for the effected job and the Executor’s obligations to make a free replacement of candidates (these obligations are stated in clause 2.1.6) remain in force until the parties fulfil these obligations.

5. Other conditions
5.1.  The Parties agreed that the following types of documents are considered to be operating: business correspondence and other documents that relate to the present contract relationships, the documents sent and received by facsimile, electronic mail or in any other way allowing to ascertain that the document outgoes from the party according to the Contract.
5.2.  The Parties shall undertake obligations to inform each other on all the alterations concerning legal (factual) address, bank requisites as well as phone numbers. The Parties shall inform each other within 5 (Five) working days after such alterations.
5.3.  In case the Customer violates the terms of payment for the rendered services the Executor has a right to refuse from executing clause 2.1.6 of the present Contract.
5.4.  In case of untimely payment for the executed job the Customer shall pay to the Executor a fine in the amount of  0,3% of delayed payment for every day of delinquency.
5.5. All the arguments and disagreements that may arise during executing this Contract should be resolved by negotiations between the parties.
5.6. In case of impossibility to resolve arguments by negotiations the parties shall agree to consider them in the Arbitrary Court of Moscow.
5.7. All the alterations and addenda to the present Contract are valid if they have been effected in a written form and signed by authorized representatives of the parties.
5.8. The present Contract shall be compiled in two copies in English. Both the copies shall be identical and shall have the same power. Each party shall have one copy of the present Contract.

6.  Addresses and requisites of the parties